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HEART4Victims is funded by private donations.  HEART is dedicated to helping crime victims navigate online resources and services at a one stop hub. Today’s technology provides many opportunities to access immediate resources and services, however there are costs associated.

Current donations are applied to the management of the HEART4Victims website to ensure the confidentiality, operations and maintenance of the online application functions. Overhead costs and the costs associated with the vPostalBox, scanning equipment, marketing and all nonprofit startup costs.

There is a tremendous need for victims of crime to access online application services following victimization, 24/7. Specifically, for the unserved victims in rural communities, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking victims trapped and cannot access resources and service in a normal operational business day.

Attorneys, translators, programmers, developers, graphic designers and web content creators/editors, just to mention a few, have all donated their time and services to help HEART4Victims makes these services available to victims of crime. We cannot thank this community of generous, kind hearted individuals enough.


Thank you in advance for your HEART felt donation.


P.O. BOX 214747

Sacramento, CA 95821