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If not, call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.

Are you a victim of crime?


HEART4Victims is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting victims of crime seeking assistance from government programs, service providers, victim advocates, and attorney representatives. HEART4Victims has identified many resources, including potential financial compensation, that may be available to victims and their families. HEART4Victims works to simplify the processes of obtaining financial assistance and other victim related services.

HEART4Victims also provides technology solutions to Victim of Crime Administrators and service providers. Technology solutions include claims management systems, online crime victim compensation applications, and the innovative Virtual Postal Box. Please contact if you’d like more information on technology solutions.

Thank you for visiting the HEART4Victims website. We hope to provide helpful information and assistance.

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You can change the life of a crime victim by donating to HEART4Victims. Survivors of crime need your support. Crime victims often experience financial, physical and emotional challenges. HEART4Victims is dedicated to helping victims of crime overcome those challenges more…  


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Our Mission

Helping Establish Assistance Resource Team for Victims (HEART4Victims) uses innovative technology to assist government and non-profit service providers more effectively serve crime victims and to compassionately assist victims to receive help for their unique situations. HEART4Victims helps victims of crime access and apply for government and non-profit services through our unique one-stop-hub.

Our Principles

All HEART4Victims services are available to victims of crime free of charge. We are eager to work with all individuals and organizations that provide assistance to crime victims. We provide support by identifying services where victims reside and connecting them with those services.


HEART4Victims has two primary goals:

1. To provide technology solutions to Victim of Crime Administrators and non-profit service providers to increase access to crime victim compensation and related services.
2. To establish a victim of crime resource hub and create a one-stop service center for victims of crime.