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Our Mission: 

Helping Establish Assistance Resource Team (HEART4Victims) is here to compassionately help crime victims by assisting victims of crime to find help for their unique situation (analyze their situation and provide directions and navigation of available resources). We want to help victims of crime apply for government, nonprofit, and for-profit services available to them through our one-stop-hub.

Our Principles: 

All HEART4Victims services are available to victims of crime free of charge. HEART4Victims is eager to work with any individual or organization in the area of helping victims of crime as long as the end result of the partnership can help victims of crime. HEART4Victims is not meant to replace or compete with any existing government or private organization that provides services to victims of crime.  It is meant to further support victims in identifying services in their area and connecting them with those services. 


Establish a victim of crime resource hub for Californians and create a one stop website where victims of crime can search for services available to them.  By asking a few pertinent questions we can refine a victim’s search and offer the best known resources to fit their need.